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Antiques & Muscle Cars
When it comes to Muscle Cars and Antique Cars, you won't find another shop that loves working on these kinds of engines more than we do. We fully utilize our machines capabilities and even stretch our own imaginations sometimes...
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Vintage Car -  Auto machine in Louisville, KY
Antique engines can prove to be some of the most difficult engines to fix for many reasons. Miles Machine Shop, however, is an expert at antique engine repair and restoration. Bring your car to us, and you will be happy for years on end that you did.

Muscle Cars hold a special place in our heart. We know the feeling you get when you're cruising down the highway with your windows down in your classic muscle car. We also know the feeling you get when you push your street rod in a high performance drag race. Both feelings are made possible by a properly functioning car. Let us help you finish you muscle car project or get your engine rebuilt so that you can experience those feelings out on the road again.
CALL US TODAY to discuss your options and let us help you get your car back on the road. We look forward to serving you.